Frequently Asked Questions 

Why get my horse massaged?

Massage can benefit your horse by supporting the circulatory, digestive, immune and nervous systems, improving proprioception (muscle memory), reducing muscle tension, improving range of motion and joint function, preventing injury, alleviating pain or discomfort, assisting in rehabilitation and recovery, and improving attitude or mental soundness.

How often should my horse receive a massage?

This depends on each individual animal. Often a horse in a maintenance massage program will receive one session per month, while a horse in a performance massage program may receive more frequent sessions.

I’m not sure if my saddle is fitting correctly, can you help?

Yes! An improper saddle fit can cause shoulder and back muscle tension and pain, and can contribute to the formation of harmful stress patterns. During a session, I can help identify areas of concern that may involve saddle fit.

Will I see an improvement in my horse after one session?

Every horse responds differently to massage and bodywork. It is my goal to work with your horse, and what their body will allow during any given session. Generally, a horse will start to feel more comfortable after the first session, with greater improvements seen over several sessions. It is my goal to help support your horse to achieve a state of balance where massage is needed less frequently to maintain health and performance.

What is your service area?

My service area includes all of Whidbey Island, Skagit and Snohomish Counties, and North King County. I am also available to travel to San Juan and Orcas Islands, however travel and ferry fees may apply. I am also available to travel in greater Western Washington with possible travel fees outside of my normal service areas.

How much do you charge?

An individual session is $65. I offer a discounted package of 4 sessions, as well as a multiple horse discount. It is my goal to keep my services accessible to the local horse community.

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