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Massage can benefit horses of all ages and disciplines, from the retired trail horse to the upper level dressage athlete. A routine massage program can help alleviate muscle tension and soreness, prevent injury, and maintain overall health. 

A maintenance massage session is geared toward maintaining the comfort and health of a horse in regular work, a pleasure horse, or one who is retired/geriatric. Performance massage sessions are aimed at helping a horse who is transitioning between workloads or disciplines, increasing conditioning or campaigning through a show season. If your horse is recovering from an illness, injury or lameness, it is recommended that you discuss massage with your veterinarian prior to scheduling. Sessions may include a variety of modalities including trigger point therapy, stress point therapy, myofascial release (MFR), Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT), and acupressure.

The first session with your horse will last approximately 60-90 minutes and include an initial evaluation and assessment, where we will discuss your training goals, any concerns, health history, and evaluate movement. Follow up or regular sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes. 

A well fitting saddle is an important part of your horses's comfort and physical soundness. If you are unsure about the fit of your saddle, I am happy to help evaluate fit during a session. Also, if I come across any indication of poor fit, I will work with you to help you find a solution to keep your riding partner in well-fitting tack. 

Pre and post-event massage is also available for clients in a regular bodywork program. 

Current Rates:


$65 per session

Multi-horse (2+ horses at one barn) - $55 per horse

Travel fees may be charged if travel outside of normal service area. 


Please fill out the below Intake Form before your first appointment, which includes information about your horse's health history.






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Note: Equine massage is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and tension and is not a substitute for veterinary care. I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose or treat illness, injury or lameness.

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